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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a very popular mind-body class that is practiced and loved all over the world, but what is it and is it suitable for you?

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany and suffered poor health as a child. inspired by bodybuilding, gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts he overcame his illnesses in his pursuit of well-being and physical strength. He studied the movements of animals and their intuitive movements and dedicated his life to developing a complete system to improve the health of people in a "modern lifestyle' of poor posture and breathing habits. He helped rehabilitate war veterans and later moved to NYC to train professional dancers. 

Pilates is a complete movement system to enhance overall well-being. To balance the mind and body, by optimising joint and muscle health,   posture and breathing.  Through control, the precision of movement, and awareness of alignment you rediscover an efficient, seamless and beautiful connection to movement.  This promotes strength, stability, falls prevention, inner strength and confidence, mobility and flexibility and helps to reduce injury. Breathing will improve as you restore your natural posture. Muscle tension will ease and your energy levels will be enhanced.

Changes are gradual and subtle but life-changing,  notice climbing the stairs, reaching, balancing, lifting and coordination all feel easier. Sports performance improves along with the quality of everyday life and doing whatever you love.

Please feel free to book a 1-1 session to start with, if you would like an extra personal touch to build confidence, have specific individual goals or conditions that make the class environment unsuitable.


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