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I always do a lateral flow test before coming to each class and am fully vaccinated.

Your safety and confidence for those of you wanting to attend the in-person sessions are paramount to me, please watch my short video for our COVID Safe guidelines:


 I will continue with weekly zoom classes for those of you who live long-distance or who still feel uncomfortable attending a session at the hall. It is so important that you all keep healthy and feel safe to practice in a way that is right for you.

There are many benefits to zoom as we have found it brings people together from all over, reduces traveling time and emissions of petrol. We can roll out of bed later! There are fewer distractions of self-comparisons to other people in the room, so you can focus more on your own technique and listen to your own bodily sensations more easily. You can play your own choice of music! If you have a delivery arriving you won't miss the class! If you don't feel 100% and don't feel up for driving or socializing you can still attend the session and benefit.

The important thing is that we all practice in a way that is right for us so that we can get the most from our practice.


  • Please book in and pay for in-person classes at the time of booking, there are limited places available


  • Bring your own mats, blankets, blocks, bands & water bottles.


  • Masks are now optional please do what feels right for you


  • Use hand sanitizer on entering and leaving the hall with the automatic wall dispensers.

  • Please leave via the fire door at the side of the room to keep a one-way flow of traffic.


  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have any COVID symptoms, join us on zoom instead if you still feel well enough for a class!


  • Please advise me if you have a positive test result at any time.


















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