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Movement has always felt the most natural, beautiful, and instinctive thing in the world to me. There is nothing like the energetic flow you feel when you move effortlessly, and the peace and clarity of mind it evokes. So from an early age, my passion was to learn and experience how movement relates to who we are, how we communicate, breathe, express ourselves, our relationship with ourselves, and the world around us.


My back ground is a Bsc First Class Hons in Sports Science and over 30 years experience working in the health, well being & fitness industry. I have spent many years travelling, exploring the richness and depth of different cultures, sharing beautiful experiences and observing human behaviour. I have always been passionate about spending time in nature to reconnect, feel a sense of freedom and space and lighten the load in my head. I often combine being outdoors with my own personal practice, give me a field, mountain, beach or lake and you will often see me doing yoga/Pilates!   I also love outdoor swimming, dancing, cooking plant based creations, running through the fields and spending as much time as I can with my beautiful little crazy familia. 


I truly believe if we dedicate time away from the perpetual thoughts in our heads and learn to focus on our inner sensations through practicing yoga/pilates we can change our perceptions, feel calmer and improve or relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us.


Yoga & Pilates remains my inspiration and joy and I feel very privileged to be able to share the experience with all my amazing community over the last 22 years!


As a busy mum of 3 amazing children, Yoga & Pilates has been integral in keeping me balanced, calm and able to see the funny side of things!


I simply can't wait to meet you and share all the wonderful benefits. 

Much Love

Clare x


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A modern approach to yoga and pilates
for everybody to enjoy, using mindfulness practice to integrate the mind, body, and breath to cope with the demands of modern living. Take your time, breathe, listen to your body, go with what you feel.

Each practice brings something new and interesting to notice. Feel calmer, more confident, and stronger to cope with life's everyday challenges and radiate in everything you love to do, in a fun and friendly environment where everyone is welcome. We are all working, in our own special way, to make our lives a little better. 


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What to expect from my yoga community?

A warm welcome in a friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

A varied practice of relaxation, sitting, standing, lying down, balances and

postural awareness.

Moving, still mediation, mindfulness, breathing exercises,

coping strategies for life’s challenges, slow purposeful movements 

that help to restore and enhance function, strength, mobility & balance.

We often go for lovely social lunches as a group to enjoy

non-Pilates & Yoga time.

The social aspect can be very important, we are social

creatures and the bonds we form are also essential for

our overall well-being. 

Wear comfortable warm clothes, that are easy to move in,

bring a nonslip mat, a blanket, and a water bottle.

There are many different styles of yoga and teaching so

it's worthwhile trying different classes and teachers

until you find the right fit for you, something you can

really connect too and feel inspired by.

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What to expect from my pilates community?


A friendly welcome from everyone in the class.

An opportunity to practice at your own pace, and feel comfortable

being you, wherever you are in your Pilates journey.

We all have such varied stories and experiences from life! 

A class delivered with clear instructions and alternatives to suit all levels.

Some classes use large apparatus called reformers,

our sessions are mat-based and

sometimes use small equipment

like resistance bands&balls to add additional coordination,

strength, and stability challenges. 

We love nothing more than getting together for our

regular social lunches, supporting local pubs! 



What to bring?


Wear comfortable warm clothes that are easy

to move in, bring a nonslip mat,

a pilates foam block (or small towel), a blanket

for extra padding in certain positions, and a bottle of water.



Please feel free to book a 1-1 session to start with if

you would like an extra personal touch to build

confidence, have specific individual goals or conditions

that make the class environment unsuitable.



from my community






Clare's classes are amazing, an oasis of calm and relaxation. She is just a brilliant teacher and such a lovely person. She always encourages you to listen to your own body and starts simply, then builds up.  She is such a caring, knowledgeable, professional, and joyful person. I feel so lucky t. have her in my life.

I feel absolutely blessed to have discovered Clare’s yoga classes.

Clare is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and the mind, and during her classes she helps us bring them together in unison.

Clare teaches us how to listen to our own bodies to become our own teachers, within the safety of her guidance.
And her calm and nurturing manner puts you completely at ease during the sessions.

I honestly couldn’t live without Clare’s classes, they set me up for feeling grounded both on & off the mat

Clare has an insatiable appetite for learning, so she is always bringing new insights to her classes. Most of all, I value Clare for her unfailing patience and good humour.


Clare is funny, personable, encouraging, warm & funny. I just love attending her yoga & pilates classes.

Clare's yoga & pilates classes are truly inspirational. She takes the time to explain the relevance of each movement.

She emirates calm that relaxes your body & mind which makes the experience so pleasurable - adore her.

I always look forward to my Pilates classes with Clare, besides being great fun, she always manages to make each session different even after several years of practice. Her classes are both claiming and invigorating.

Class Locations:

Lach Dennis Village Hall 

Monday & Wednesday Daytime

Holmes Chapel Road

Lach Dennis




(Next to the The Cheshire Grill)


Byley Village Hall

Monday evenings 7pm

Moss Lane
CW10 9NG

(Next to the church)


Please get in touch I would love to hear from you 

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Laura Wilson School of Dance
Tuesday mornings 10.30 am
Manor Ln, Holmes Chapel, Crewe CW4 8AF

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